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Immigration for 2017

Jan. 20th

Immigration is a hot topic right now as the control of the United States transfers over to the newest president. Our 45th President of the United States will be Donald Trump and his ideas on immigration seem not only controversial but also unprecedented. The choices this new president and his staff will make can literally impact hundreds of thousands of people here and abroad.

As all news media turn their attention today to the inauguration, many look upon this moment in history as a pivotal turning point that could radically impact their lives and the lives of their children. So what should we expect from immigration laws in 2017?

We know from his campaign promises that there might be a big shift coming quickly. You don’t want to get hung up in red tape or legal issues that might have a negative outcome.

Is the President going to fight for you? Are there laws in place now that will protect you and your family? Can you trust politicians to make the right choices for America and our refugees who need care and assistance?

Be assured that no matter what changes we see, there will always be legal help like the Ornelas Law Firm to fight for your rights and to help you with any immigration matter. While it can be frightening to deal with the federal government, that’s what we do on a daily basis. We know immigration law and we can fight for you. America was founded on the open policy of welcoming all, equally. We hold to that right!

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