Have you Been Injured
in a Car Accident?

If you were not involved in one of San Antonio’s 42,000 vehicle crashes last year, count yourself lucky. Intersections comprising San Antonio’s Loop 1604 and Loop 410 are considered some of the most dangerous intersections in Texas. Serious car crashes involving multiple cars occur frequently at these intersections, causing severe injuries requiring emergency medical treatment and lengthy hospital stays.

When a car accident devastates your life or the life of a loved one, you need Cesar Ornelas Law on your side fighting for your rights as the victim of another driver’s negligence. Compensation for your medical bills may be available to you. With an experienced San Antonio car accident lawyer like Cesar Ornelas representing you in court, rest assured you and your family’s best interests remain top priority throughout the litigation process.

Why Would Car Crash Victims Need a San Antonio Car Accident Attorney?

Anyone who suffers physical injuries due to a car accident should hire a personal injury attorney who can file applicable claims against negligent drivers. When compensation is awarded, the amount of the compensation given to accident victims will depend on the severity of physical and/or emotional injuries. Many San Antonio auto accident claims begins with the discovery phase involving the plaintiff’s attorney and the defendant’s attorney exchanging case information. After discovery, a trial may occur if there is no agreement between attorneys.

What is Car Accident Compensation?

Victims of car accidents may receive compensation ranging from several hundred to several thousand or more dollars to help pay for current medical bills and medical treatment that may be necessary in the future. Pain and suffering, loss of wages and, in some cases, mental anguish, are considered as compensatory damages. In addition, auto accident victims may be awarded exemplary or punitive damages if the court finds the defendant was exercising actions that exceeded basic negligence.

Your San Antonio personal injury attorney Cesar Ornelas has the burden of proof when proving negligence on the part of the other driver. Personal injury attorneys must further prove injuries are real and have been clinically diagnosed by a licensed medical professional so that clients receive the compensation they deserve.

Cesar Ornelas Law offers extensive experience litigating on behalf of car accident victims who have suffered serious injuries. You can expect aggressive, professional representation when you chose to work with leading San Antonio personal injury attorney Cesar Ornelas to settle your car accident claim.

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