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When to File a Premise Injury Claim

Your safety should be considered a priority when you are on someone’s private, public, or business premises. If the injury received is due to neglect on their part, that is a foundational reason civil suits can be filed. If the other party somehow did not fulfill their responsible duty to prevent you from bodily harm, a personal injury lawyer can help you get compensation for your injury and what you deserve due to their negligence.

What is the first thing to do to file a Premise Injury claim?

You need to set up a FREE consultation with a reputable lawyer. You will have that time to state your injury experience and have immediate feedback from the lawyer on whether you have a legal footing to file a claim. You will also be able to see if you and the attorney are a good fit to work together.

What are the various directions a Premise Injury claim can take?

Your lawyer may or may not determine you have a viable complaint. There are no guarantees that your case will win. Most lawyers do not require any money upfront but rather will charge you fees if they win your case in court or settle the case privately with the premise owner’s lawyers (or insurance company).

Often the person being sued will choose to settle out of court. Under that circumstance, your lawyer will negotiate a suitable amount, and then you can pass on the need to seek a jury award.

There are also situations where an injury lawyer cannot help you. Whenever a property owner has posted warnings about possible hazards, wet floors, falling objects, etc., then there may not be anything your personal injury lawyer can do to represent your case. Each case is different, however, and you will need to visit an experienced, capable attorney who can adequately evaluate your case for a premise owner’s legal culpability.

Cesar Ornelas is the lawyer you need to fight for you!

“At the Law Firm of Cesar Ornelas, we get angry over a business not doing what it takes to keep you safe. You and your family members deserve to be protected. So, if someone is cutting corners, you need to talk to a lawyer. Some people may make fun of personal injury claims but they aren’t hurting like you are.”

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